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We fuse traditional British tailoring with a contemporary British cut, creating beautiful garments designed to fit perfectly, no matter what shape or size you are.

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At 'The Gentleman's Tailor' we specialise in crafting beautifully individual, high-end suits made in Britain, at off-the peg prices.

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Choose from thousands of styles, luxury British fabrics and beautiful linings to create the perfectly fitted garment for all occasions.

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Our fine fabrics are sourced locally throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scotland. We continue to update our collection to always offer you the finest choice of cloths and linings in the world.

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Beautiful garments, perfect for every occasion. Designed to fit perfectly, no matter what shape or size you are

Business Suits

A stylish, distinctive and tailored business suit is synonymous with professionalism and influence in the workplace. Our bespoke suits help you become a 'cut' above the competition.

Business Suits

Wedding Suits

For the most memorable day of your life, you want to create a lasting impression. Our beautifully crafted suits are tailored exactly with this in mind.

Wedding Suits

Special Occasions

Attending the Royal Regatta, enjoying a day at the races or for casual chic, our bespoke suits will ensure you look and feel outstanding for any special occasion.

Special Occasions

Casual Wear

It's time to update your wardrobe and be bespoke. Get noticed in our wide range of luxury sports jackets, shirts and trousers and become the talk of your town!

Casual Wear


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How to care for your new bespoke suit:

So… You’ve just purchased a beautiful bespoke suit and it makes you look amazing! One of the biggest questions our customer’s ask is, is how they can retain the shape, fit and condition of their suit to ensure that it stands the test of time. Here is a quick guide to how you can care …
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