Now more than ever are bridal fashion designer’s collections encouraging couples to experiment with bold colours and prints on the most important day of their lives. It can be a common conception that the groom is less involved with the planning of the big day. Whether this is or isn’t the case, for a modern fashion-forward groom his attire is of great importance. The painstaking quest for every bride is finding ‘the dream dress’; a dress that comes with a 1 day usage limit and a hefty price tag. Custom-made couture gowns, made from fine imported silks and handmade lace, can amount to the cost of some vehicles! The Gentleman’s Tailor specialise in crafting grooms their bespoke ‘dream suit’ at an affordable price. Since our garments are expertly tailored to your shape and style they are unique to you. A hand crafted bespoke suit is a statement piece for any formal event. For grooms who wish to leave a lasting impression, here’s some guidance on this season’s on-trend styles:

Compliment your bride– New York Bridal Fashion Week highlighted the trends for the upcoming Spring 2017 collections. Think colour. Pastel colour palettes are a popular contemporary choice for brides, instead of a traditional ivory gown. Other designs channeled vintage styles incorporating floral lace and 3D floral applique. For the more daring, why not surprise with floral splashed patterns to match your wife to be? Team your expertly fitted suit with an on-trend patterned shirt or pastel silk lining. The Gentleman’s Tailor can assist any groom in matching his bride and colour scheme since everything is meticulously handmade to your preferred design. The beauty of a bespoke suit is that it gives you the freedom to select and pair your own fabrics to your style specifications- tailored exclusively to you!

Colour intervention– Gentlemen, forget the conventional black and grey suits please. This season’s injected with jewel tones. Emerald, sapphire, burgundy and royal purple tones are seriously stylish alternatives to a traditional suit jacket. Here at The Gentleman’s Tailor we source a wide range of  luxury fabrics in an array of colours which enables you to select from: silks, tweeds, flannels, cashmeres, herringbone and more. Discuss with our professional stylist what materials/colours/cuts are complementary this season to help create your polished wedding day style.

What’s your style?– If you’re not the adventurous type when it comes to fashion; waistcoats are a great way to add playful personality. Choose from our fine selection of tweeds and flannels to add subtle colour and contrast beneath your perfectly crafted jacket. Tweed 3-pieces are particularly popular this season and perfect for outdoor country settings in Spring. We thrive on creating unique luxury garments that are reflective of you.

We take pride in the fact that all of our luxury fabrics are handpicked from across the British Isles and our suits are also hand-made entirely in Yorkshire. Whether you’re staying authentically British or jetsetting across the globe to say ‘I do’, remember every gentleman’s wedding essential is a bespoke tailored suit by The Gentleman’s Tailor.


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